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Fisherman Sandals Are The Only Shoes I Want This Summer

Like most fashion girlies, I have a thing for shoes. But being a New Yorker, I’ve also been forced to categorize my footwear collection into walkable (meaning appropriate for the city I live in) and aspirational (aka better for L.A. or anywhere that I’ll primarily be in a car) options. But just because a style fits into the first group doesn’t mean it’s a boring or beleaguered runner-up in my closet. On the contrary, I live for finding the season’s most comfortable and stylish shoes, and in the summer that obviously means open-toe designs. Fisherman sandals in particular are my latest shoe du jour, and according to my social media feeds, I’m not the only one obsessed with this perfect transitional style.

While I was all about daintier shoe styles like Mary Janes Hoka One One during the colder months, I’m usually drawn to a more substantial, chunky sandal for the summer. It can toughen up a more feminine look — slinky silk dresses are a favorite — or add some weight to an oversized silhouette, like longline shorts and a men’s button-up shirt. Plus, there’s something eternally classic about the fisherman style, while it’s still bit unexpected compared to the popular two-strap Birkenstock look. The extra details around the toe keep things interesting without feeling like so much of a statement shoe; instead, it strikes the perfect balance for anyone looking to add a slightly masculine edge to their outfit.

fisherman sandals

So if you’re eagerly looking for a new shoe to add to your warm weather wardrobe, I highly suggest giving fisherman sandals a try in 2022. Luckily, there’s no shortage of options to choose from this season. Shop a few of my go-tos below.

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Under $500

Eyra Fisherman Platform Sandal
Eyra Fisherman Platform Sandal
I love a square toe shoe and this Vagabond fisherman sandal is a gorgeous option for summer. With just a hint of a heel, it’ll help make your legs look endlessly long no matter what outfit you’re wearing.
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emme parsons ernest sandals
Emme Parsons
Ernest Leather Sandals
You might think that fisherman sandals can only be classic black or brown, but Emme Parsons proves just how versatile the style can be in this delicious cream shade.Steve Madden I’d wear this with a classic LBD in breezy linen for a comfy and cool daytime look.
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Darline Brick Clogs
Darline Brick Clogs
Because sometimes I just can’t help myself, this clog-meets-fisherman sandal shoe from MIISTA is all my favorite trends in one scrumptious style. The ‘70s vibes are strong here, so I think wearing these with my favorite sunny yellow halter neck jumpsuit is the right move.
Green & Pink Fishermans Fussbett Sandals
Green & Pink Fishermans Fussbett Sandals
Kelly green is still my favorite color trend of the season — and this cotton canvas style with bubblegum pink is just a dream. I can see myself wearing these with a white on white denim look and a swipe of glitter eyeliner on the weekends for a vibe refresh.
ganni Creepers Sandals
Creepers Sandals
I will always and forever love a platform sandal — after all, I am a child of the ‘90s — so this orange leather style is just begging to be in my closet. I can picture myself wearing some vintage denim cutoffs and an embellished vest with these all summer-long.
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Pesca Fisherman Sandal
The woven details on the toe make this Hereu sandal feel especially luxe, and the smokey charcoal color is a unexpected alternative to a classic black.
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Boomer 2 Olive Sport
Boomer 2 Olive Sport
If the closed toe look isn’t your thing, then I highly suggest picking up a pair of these sporty Labucq sandals. I love the satin olive straps and high contrast red sole for a subtle pop of color.
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Under $1000

Monolith Rubber Fisherman Sandals
Monolith Rubber Fisherman Sandals
Are these Barbie pink Prada sandals a wee bit insane? Definitely. But there’s nothing like wearing a shoe that’s both a conversation starter and a potential rubber swim floaty to make your outfit feel extra special.
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khaite perry sandal
The Perry Sandal
If a slip-on sandal is more your speed, this Khaite design is a more minimal choice for anyone curious to try the fisherman trend. Dark brown shoes are highly underrated in my opinion, and I’d love to wear this pair with a low-cut red dress for a summer night out.
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the row fisherman sandal
The Row
Fisherman Sandal
Say what you will, but the Olsen twins make an exceptional leather shoe. When you walk as much as we do in New York City, a high quality and buttery soft sandal feels entirely worth the splurge.
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Ever catch a whiff of a smell, be it a fragrance, flower, or food, and instantly get transported to another time and place? That’s the beauty of scent, which has a tight-knit connection with your memory—and therefore the ability to bring back the past in a single sniff.

And while it might feel like magic, it’s actually a matter of science. Research has found that your olfactory network—a.k.a. your sense of smell—has a tighter Clarks Shoes relationship with the hippocampus, the part of the brain that’s key to learning and memory, than other senses like taste and sight. That means that when it comes to making memories (and, of course, hanging onto them), nothing beats the nose.

Unique notes

Super-fruity florals, step aside. The top notes of citrusy bergamot and pink pepper are intertwined with lemon for an uplifting feeling at first spritz—think standing in a swath of sunlight after a long winter. It then dries down to coconut milk and heliotrope (a flower known for its sweet scent) to elicit sun-kissed skin, a feeling that sticks with you during the day even if a beach trip isn’t in the cards.

Super-fresh scent

Inspired by the brine of the ocean and warm sunlight, this one-of-a-kind fragrance proves both comforting and refreshing — you know, sort of like summer itself. With that said, if you’re someone who tends to be partial to light, yet balmy scents reminiscent of gorgeous summer nights, then Beach Walk was definitely made to be your new year round signature scent.

Nostalgic vibes

Ever wish you could go back to the easygoing days where you’d spend all day at the beach, relishing the warm sand between your toes and the scent of salty air mixed with sunscreen? Well, this fragrance can you take right back to that spot — regardless of the season. That’s right, you can don this scent during fall, winter, and spring to get your summertime fix, because it works (and garners complements) no matter what.

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