June 13, 2024 4:47 pm

The Huckberry X Chaco Collaboration Is the Most Exciting Shoe Launch This Summer

When it comes to outdoor footwear, so many of the options are thick, restrictive shoes that restrict mobility. However, Chaco’s outdoor footwear stands up to the dirt and water while still being completely free and comfortable. Chaco’s sandals are built to handle the elements with ease and give you the freedom and breathability that many outdoor shoes lack.

Huckberry (the new face of literally every piece of clothing I wear) recently teamed up with Chaco to release a new line of footwear with an aquatic splash to them. Kizik Shoes The Tarpon collection from Huckberry and Chaco is comprised of two new items: the Huckberry X Chaco Z/1 and the Huckberry X Chaco Chillos.

The Huckberry X Chaco Z/1 is the company’s classic sandal made to be worn in any outdoor environment. Completely waterproof, the sandals can be fully submerged underwater without any damage to the material at all. Furthermore, the sandals are formed with a polyurethane footbed that is not only durable, but designed to support your foot so you can go on long hikes without beginning to hurt.

Huckberry X Chaco Z/1

Buy at Huckberry$110

The adjustable polyester straps are created so that you can ensure the sandals are completely secure on your feet even as you are hiking up rocky terrain or on a slippery dock near the water. As a result, the sandals are the perfect summer outdoor footwear option to keep your feet cool like a flip flop yet safe from any potential slips like a hiking shoe. What makes the Tarpon collection unique is the pattern and colors on the polyester straps.

The straps on both the Z/1 and the Chillos have a distinctive fish scale-style pattern that stands out against the black of the rest of the sandals. Nobull Shoes The fish scales come in a shimmering blue spectrum much like an actual fish’s scale would if they were passing through a sunny patch of water.

While the Huckberry X Chaco Z/1 sandals are built for hardcore adventuring, the Huckberry X Chaco Chillos are designed for a more casual style. Without a heel strap, the sandals serve as a more open and slide-style shoe meant for light outdoor activities and everyday use. The Chillos also have the blue, fish scale straps, and have a bottom sole built for comfort and support. The sandals as a whole are a more stylish and comfortable option that can be slipped on or off whenever you want. Despite this, the sandals are just as durable as the Z/1s with the materials being equally sturdy and waterproof for whatever adventures are ahead.

Huckberry X Chaco Chillos

Buy at Huckberry$60

Both shoes in the Tarpon collection can be bought exclusively on the Huckberry website. Additionally, Huckberry has a number of other Chaco sandals available on the site as well if you want to browse different options or designs.

No matter the adventure, the Huckberry X Chaco Tarpon collection is built to cover you the entire way. With shoes designed for the outdoors at every level, you can rock the unique design in cityscapes and remote mountains just as easily.

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