Inflatable floaters are not exclusive to swimming and diving anymore as designer UV-Zhu toys with them for his conceptual shoes. He inflates the mini-floaters, transforms them into his designs’ soles, and, at times, fills them up with candies to satiate one’s sweet tooth when they are out on the road. Playful, zesty, and spongy, these shoes refashion the Skechers Shoes Outlets fashion statement by turning accessories into works of art that serve their purpose to just please the eyes.


As the designer shares, some of his conceptual shoes have a soft texture and a puffy size while the others appear to resemble mutated creatures through their spikes and jelly-like tentacles. ‘I do not think shoes have to be practical. They can also stand alone as pieces of art,’ he shares. Just by looking at his creations, it might be a sin not to try wearing his shoes.




Neon colors ornate UV-Zhu’s designs. A strip of purple and green mesh with gray, or a flush of pink and yellow against caramel. They amplify the fun and vibrant vibes the shoes exude. But no matter what the color combination is, the chunkiness of the shoes may steal the Hey Dude Women’s Shoes limelight at a first glance. The inflated soles add inches to the wearer’s height, making them appear floating off the ground. They might as well test the shoes out in the water just to see if they will float!

these puffy conceptual shoes from UV-Zhu are inspired by inflatables and mutated creaturesthese puffy conceptual shoes from UV-Zhu are inspired by inflatables and mutated creatures





UV-Zhu has been creating designs that adapt well to manipulating daily objects, traditional fashion pieces, and old looks. His puffy jackets have so much air in them that the wearer may just as well fly. He even adds fluorescent dyes to make them glow in the dark, easily identifiable in the midst of shadows. He has also created a series on his Instagram page of flowers, grasses, and furs growing from people’s face, and he throws in funky sunglasses, teeth braces, and rubber floaters in mouth to finish off his creative displays.