June 13, 2024 1:34 pm

Nike and Tom Sachs are giving away free General Purpose Shoes to NFT holders

A week after Nike and Tom Sachs reminded the sneaker community that their shoes shouldn’t be the most interesting part of their personality, the pair announced they have a gift for holders of their NikeCraft NFT. Each holder will have the chance to receive a free NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe, the duo’s most “boring” sneaker yet.

LAUNCHING THE ROCKET — By way of Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory, a trans-dimensional NFT manufacturing plant from the designer, those who own an Assembled Rocket NFT with a NikeCraft-branded Component will be able to cash in. Once an “astronaut” has connected to their wallet on the Rocket Factory website, they can choose their shoe size and NOBULL Shoes Canada ship through the “Hangar” on June 10, the same day the GPS releases to the general public. There is a time limit though, with the opportunity limited to just 24 hours.
The General Purpose Shoe, which takes on the appearance of a basic, minimally designed sneaker, isn’t about impressive bells, whistles, and endorsements. While Sachs is known for his outrageous designs with Nike, the GPS was created as a utilitarian shoe meant to be worn every day. As simple as the GPS may appear, hype for the sneaker still runs high, and the gift for NFT holders will certainly spark envy in other sneakerheads.

HOW IT WORKS — A Rocket from the Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory is composed of three Component NFTs — a Nose Cone, a Body, and a Tail Assembly — and each component is branded with 1 of 30 unique options. There are two types of completed Rocket NFTs, Frankenrockets and Perfect Rockets, with the former consisting of unmatching branded pieces and the latter composed of three matching pieces. The Factory took to Twitter to announce that “any TSRF ‘Astronaut’ holding an assembled Rocket NFT” will be able to claim a pair, meaning a Frankenrocket is accepted as long as it has at least one NikeCraft Component.

The intersection of NFTs and fashion has quickly become routine. Everyone from Prada to Nike has entered the metaverse, and Rare even wants to turn losses on the SNKRS app into NFTs. While the metaverse can be tricky to navigate, Sachs has placed an emphasis on transparency and accessibility to encourage community involvement.

If you’re not part of the “NikeCraft Crew,” you can still try to purchase the GPS when it drops on June 10 via the NikeCraft website for $110. Come release day, we’ll see just how accessible the sneaker is.

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