June 16, 2024 5:03 am

In 1986, Michael Jordan Signed A Pair Of Shoes For Italian Private VIP Airport Manager And Confirmed The Story 36 Years Later

Michael Jordan is currently in Italy, having the time of his life. He’s making a lot of people happy with his presence, including a manager who sold cigars to His Airness recently. He’s having a blast in the European country, as he was recently spotted dressing all white to attend a party while also being on a boat with legendary actor George Clooney.

It seems like Jordan has brought a lot of joy to the Italian people, with one story confirming how great and humble this man is. One private VIP airport manager had the opportunity to show his signed Air Jordans to MJ and took it, discovering a big story behind his legendary kicks.

Marco Guglielmetti recently shared the story of how his cousin gifted him a 1985 pair of Jordans signed by the young Michael. The signature was different back then, but Marco always treasured the shoes. A couple of days ago, he had the chance to meet Jordan at the airport to confirm if that was his old signature.

The image portrays them smiling together, while Marco brandishes a pair of Nike – red and black, superfluous clarification – where the autograph of the NBA legend stands out. It is from those shoes that the story begins.

That model dates back to 1985. The following year, Luigi, Marco’s cousin residing in the United States, manages to find a way to have them signed by a young Michael Jordan. His rise would begin shortly thereafter, first as an individual dominator then, in the 1990s, as the star of one of the most successful teams ever, the Chicago Bulls led by Phil Jackson. After that signature, Luigi never wore them again. He has kept them carefully, for someone special. On Marco’s 23rd birthday, not surprisingly, he gives them to him. Also because he was born in 1985, like those shoes. “Looking at that handwriting, I always doubted that the autograph was not authentic. Also because looking online for his signature, it looks very different”.

The opportunity to reveal the mystery materialized last Saturday, July 23 for those who are passionate about numbers and coincidences. “I knew it would take off that day, so without having too many hopes I took the shoes with me to show them to him, but I would have contented myself with seeing him from afar. We had also been warned that he did not want to be approached by anyone and the attitude of his bodyguards was quite clear in this sense. After the usual checks, he was alone for a few moments. A colleague said to me ‘Go for it, it’s your time’. I approached, apologizing for the inconvenience, and I didn’t want a photo or an autograph. But I proudly showed him the shoes and asked him if he actually signed himself like that at the time. And yes, he confirmed it: the autograph is authentic.

MJ recommended Marco to take care of the shoes and don’t sell them, which wasn’t even in his mind. He had a terrific time meeting the greatest basketball player of all time, living a moment he’ll never forget.

As soon as he landed, Michael Jordan took the NBA by storm, instantly becoming a fan favorite in Chicago and one of the most intriguing players in the entire association. The six-time NBA champion showed flashes of his quality very quickly, and when his first signature shoes dropped, a lot of people wanted to get them.

It’s good to see that some fans treasured the shoes, especially if they’re signed by legends like Jordan. MJ didn’t want to be bothered by many people at the airport, but it’s great to know he still made some time to talk with this person and confirm the story of his life.

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