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BLUEVIEW Enters The Sustainable Footwear Market With The World’s First Biodegradable Shoe

CARDIFF, Calif., March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BLUEVIEW, a new sustainable footwear brand dedicated to protecting the planet from plastic pollution, launched today, providing consumers with the world’s first to market biodegradable* shoe. Revolutionizing the footwear industry, BLUEVIEW replaces petroleum plastics with plant-based plastics to create BLUEVIEW’s inaugural sneaker, the BLUEVIEW Pacific. This sneaker utilizes innovative new plant-based materials, featuring Soleic® and PlantKnitTM for a sustainable and stylish sneaker that provides an ocean of comfort with serious durability. The BLUEVIEW Pacific sneaker is available for pre-order nationwide for $135 at blueviewfootwear.com.

BLUEVIEW spent more than six years researching Birdies Shoes and developing Soleic®, the world’s first high-quality, renewable and fully biodegradable* polyurethane foam as the foundation of the BLUEVIEW shoe. The Soleic® foam makes up the arch support, and durable cupsole and outsole, enabling BLUEVIEW shoes to be the most comfortable shoe imaginable. To complete the shoe, the brand developed PlantKnitTM, the world’s first plant-based and fully biodegradable* machine knitted shoe upper. Versatile and stylish, each pair of sneakers contains a removable organic canvas cotton strap, allowing consumers the option to wear these shoes as a loafer or a slip-on.

“It is a dream come true to see our Soleic® foams finally reach the consumer market,” said Stephen Mayfield, CEO of BLUEVIEW and co-inventor of Soleic® foams. “Combining this innovation with world-class design and manufacturing to complete the BLUEVIEW Pacific, we are excited to provide consumers with a revolutionary footwear experience.”

Leading the category, BLUEVIEW uses only environmentally friendly, vegan materials to deliver next level comfort and high-quality craftsmanship footwear that feature best-in-class design and strong branding. Acting on these values, BLUEVIEW conducted Durability and SmartLast tests on the BLUEVIEW Pacific at Heelux Labs to demonstrate state of the art durability for the BLUEVIEW Pacific sneaker.

“As a surfer, I’ve seen firsthand how our oceans are being Chippewa Boots  affected by plastic pollution,” said Tom Cooke, co-founder and president of BLUEVIEW. “By uniting my expertise in the footwear industry with the advancements developed by our science team, I am proud to provide our customers with access to the world’s first biodegradable* shoe.”

On a mission to accelerate and lead the global transition to bio-based materials and more environmentally friendly production practices, each BLUEVIEW shoe is an accessible and sustainable option to change the trajectory our planet is on. To learn more about BLUEVIEW, visit blueviewfootwear.com or follow along on Instagram @blueviewfootwear.

*Every single component of BLUEVIEW’s plant-based shoes biodegrades under aerobic composting conditions (ASTM D5338) – which means, they will completely break down when exposed to air, moisture, and microorganisms in compost. Visit www.BLUEVIEWfootwear.com/materials-technology to discover how our shoes are made.

Born out of a meeting between two surfers who discovered a Rick Owens Shoes shared love and concern for our oceans and planet, BLUEVIEW is the world’s first biodegradable* footwear brand dedicated to protecting the planet from plastic pollution. Revolutionizing the footwear industry, BLUEVIEW’s footwear is made with bio-based materials including innovative Soleic® and PlantKnitTM, to create a sustainable, yet durable sneaker. BLUEVIEW’s footwear features next level comfort, high-quality craftsmanship, best-in-class design, strong branding, and environmentally friendly materials. All BLUEVIEW products are forest-friendly, vegan and do not create microplastics. BLUEVIEW’s footwear is available for pre-order nationwide at blueviewfootwear.com. Learn more about BLUEVIEW at blueviewfootwear.com and on Instagram @blueviewfootwear.

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