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Best Brooks running shoes for men

Which Brooks running shoes for men are best?

Seattle-based Brooks has been making high-quality running shoes and gear for more than a century. Whether you need a supportive trainer for long miles, a neutral shoe for speed sessions, or a racer for the roads, Brooks is top tier. Their motto is “Run Happy,” and you’ll be doing just that if you pick up a pair of the Brooks Ghost 14s.

What to know before you buy Brooks running shoes for men

How do you run?

Certain types of running shoes are more conducive to different running styles. If you’re a heel striker, you may want something more supportive. If you run on Olukai Sandals  your mid or forefoot, you may prefer something a bit more responsive. These aren’t hard and fast rules, but it’s crucial to find a shoe that fits your preferred running style. Getting your running gait analyzed at a local running shop is always a great way to go if you’re unsure.

What kind of support do you want?

If you plan to rack up lots of long slow miles, you may appreciate a shoe with some more cushion to keep your joints happier. If you like to run faster intervals or shorter distances, you may prefer a lighter, more responsive shoe.

What type of terrain are you running on?

Most people run on the road, but if you have a trail near you, you may prefer running on that. Road running shoes are distinct from trail running shoes, so decide what terrain you’re most likely to enjoy running on before purchasing your new trainers. If you plan for most of your miles to be on a trail, investing in a pair of trail running shoes is worth the extra cost.

What to look for in quality Brooks running shoes for men


Brooks has been around since 1914, so clearly, they make quality products. A good running shoe can last 500 miles or so, and a pair of Brooks will deliver that for you. Some runners prefer to change shoes at 300 or 400, while some push them to the better part of 1,000 miles. Birdies Shoes Learning to read the wear patterns on your shoes will allow you to know when it’s time to replace them and determine your foot striking pattern when you run.


Brooks as a brand tends to push the envelope in terms of running shoe styles. If you love loud and fun colorways, Brooks is definitely for you. Of course, they also offer more classic and subdued colors should you have a more minimalistic style in mind.

Heel Drop

The heel drop is the difference between the height of the heel and the forefoot of a shoe. What makes a good heel drop depends on who you ask, but Brooks tends to be on the higher end of the heel drops.

How much you can expect to spend on Brooks running shoes for men

A good pair of Brooks running shoes will generally cost you $100-$150.

Brooks running shoes for men FAQ

How cushioned should my shoe be?

A.This depends on your personal preference. The short answer is it should be cushioned as minimally as you find comfortable. You want to be supported while running, but extraneous cushions can cause you to lose ground feel and move more slowly.

Can I use road running shoes on a trail?

A.You can if the trail is fairly well packed. However, it isn’t the best option. For rockier and more technical trails, you want trail runners. If you have hard-packed dirt, you can get away with using your road running shoes on it, but you won’t get the most out of your runs.

What are the best Brooks running shoes for men to buy?

Top brooks running shoes for men

Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Ghost 14

What you need to know:This shoe has been around for 14 years for a reason. Tt’s a go-to neutral shoe for runners looking to log serious miles.

What you’ll love:This neutral shoe provides just enough support without getting in the way of your natural gait. The 14th edition has a refined upper that should provide a more comfortable fit than the last iteration.

What you should consider:Runners who like lower heel drops may not enjoy the 12mm drop that the Ghost 14 has.

Where to buy:Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


Top Brooks running shoes for men for the money

Brooks Revel 5

Brooks Revel 5

What you need to know:For speed-focused road runners, the Revel 5’s only cost around $100.

What you’ll love:If you like to get out and pound the pavement, these road-focused neutral trainers are lighter and more responsive than most Brooks models. With an updated knit upper, you can get a more dialed-in fit.

What you should consider:Runners who want more cushion will want to look elsewhere. Occasionally, users report premature wear.

Where to buy:Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


Worth checking out

Brooks Cascadia 16 Trail Runners

Brooks Cascadia 16 Trail Runners

What you need to know:For runners who want to move away from the pavement and onto the trail, the Cascadia is always a top choice.

What you’ll love:The sole of these shoes is filled with rugged lugs Chippewa Boots to help you grip the ground, as well as Brooks’ Ballistic Rock Shield to keep your feet protected. The 16th model of the Cascadia has dropped some weight while increasing the cushioning in the midsole.

What you should consider:If you only run on trails occasionally, these may be a price tag higher than your comfortable level. Some users feel they’re too rigid.

Where to buy:Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods


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