June 13, 2024 2:03 pm

6 most overhyped shoes of ALL TIME

The sneaker culture in the US, and really around the world, has really exploded in recent times. One of the guys who most benefited from this explosion is Qias Omar, as his YouTube channel centered around sneakers and sneaker culture cultivated over 1.4 million subscribers.As Omar got more and more attention around the internet, he decided to pursue a career in selling sneakers. He connected with Dillon Dropz, as they opened Off The Bench. OTB is a new sneaker shop in San Diego, California, which formally opened on the 5th of December. Clutch Points’ Nikki Goel sat down with the pair to discuss various topics linked to their shop and sneaker culture in general.

One of the major discussions on this topic is overhyped shoes. Some sneakers get a great deal of advertising and general hype even though they are not really received well upon release. As they are both heavily invested in this, Dillon and Omar decided to weigh in with their two cents. Dillon was first to answer and had this to say: “Yeezy Foam Runners I’m not a fan of. Let’s see…overrated probably Jordan 1 Mids are kinda overrated now, Nike Dunk Lows are kinda overrated shoes right now.”

Of course, Yeezy Foam Runners were released in June of 2020 in the US, with the retail price being $75. In standard Yeezy fashion, they were sold out, but the reviews were not in unison. Some even ridiculed its unusual design, making it into a meme somewhat. In terms of the other shoes mentioned, Jordan 1 Mids are fairly popular, but they are nowhere near the iconic status of the Hi and Lo Jordan originals.

After his business partner chimed in, it was Omar who added an additional three to the list of overhyped shoes: “I’m not really a big Dunk guy so I’m gonna say Dunks are a little bit overhyped. I have a few pairs but Dunks, Chuck Taylors because they are very uncomfortable. I’m a Vans guy, so Vans over Chucks. And the Revenge Storms….I don’t know I’m a fan of everything so I can just pick three.”

In terms of Omar’s selections, the Vans versus Chuck Taylors debate has been going on for decades now. It is clear that Omar is picking the side of Vans, and many around the world will agree with him there. He also mentions the Dunks, which do not seem to bode well with the pair of the owners here, as they were also included in the list by Dillon.

Revenge Storms are shoes released by rapper and stylist Ian Connor first in 2017. Upon release, they were heavily criticized by some due to a high price tag, and while they were incredibly popular, they are still a subject of controversy to this day. Needless to say, there are lots of overhyped shoes out there.

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